Kickstarter Album Update

Well, it has been waaay too long but here’s a quick update on the album project. As many of our fans know the Kickstarter project was successfully funded and we’ve been working on the album project in fits and starts while juggling touring, travel, gigs, dayjobs, family, personnel changes, and other complexities of life. We’ve mastered three songs and have four more in the editing stage now. Current progress looks like we’ll release for Christmas so stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out our Sound Clips page for a few new videos!

Your Funding Will Help with New Chamber Jazz Album

Hi friends, we’re raising money on Kickstarter and your funding will help. We are working with national composers to showcase their creative talent. All supporters will get good karma and be given the chance to choose great rewards. More info on our Kickstarter page. Please click, Like, and share! Thanks for your support and encouragement!Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had an update. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy, busy, busy! The horns have been hard at work in the Valley of the Sun. We’ve recently done a recording session for a Christmas album with a local singer/songwriter and performed a benefit at Christ Church of theContinue Reading

Mention in Arizona Foothills Magazine

The dynamic and super-talented singer Dawn Jameson-Powers was featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine. She told them about her recent work with us and we got a mention in the article. Fourteen minutes of fame left!Continue Reading

Scenes from the Studio

We started on a new recording project. Currently we’re working on a commercial demo with a few friends. Check out pictures on Flickr!Continue Reading


Some of the horns have been participating in Unicornomics lately. Phoenix creatives Jessica and Bob Marquis are friends of the band that have started nonprofit organization called Sailbear Labs that inspires and develops future filmmakers and artists. As part of that work, Jessica has written a wonderful book called “Raising Unicorns” which is being published withContinue Reading

Open for Business

New website!Continue Reading