Our Arrangers

In addition to members of the Phoenix Horns working on compositions for our repertoire, we’ve had the great opportunity to work with a number of outstanding arrangers. They are all great artists and we’re delighted to have them writing for the band.

Stan Bann – Noted big band leader and arranger from Minneapolis, MN. Accomplished trombonist and student of Frank Mantooth.

Bob Freedman – A Grammy award-winning arranger based in Phoenix, AZ. Former Berklee professor and writer for stage and screen.

Rick Hirsch – Wonderful saxophonist, composer, and arranger in State College, PA. Sells arrangements online, including some adaptations of our charts.

Ladd McIntosh – Celebrated orchestrator for motion pictures, noted educator, and big band leader in Los Angeles, CA.

Kim Richmond – Well known saxophonist, composer, and arranger in Los Angeles, CA. Also an active educator, currently teaching at California Institute of the Arts.

Steve Wiest–¬†Multiple Grammy-nominated composer and trombonist. A veteran of the Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen bands, currently¬†Director of the prestigious University of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band.


Other Friends

Nova Jazz Orchestra – Working Big Band in Minneapolis playing only original music. Good musicians, good arrangers, good friends.

Crimson Fox – Christian Harris, a great photographer from Phoenix now living in Los Angeles. He did our photos.

Stewart Design – Amy Stewart is an awesome graphic designer and webmaster in Dallas. Amy made our cool logo and website.

Mark Lanus – Phoenix musician and audio engineer. We record at his groovy studio sometimes.

Tempest Recording – Clarke Rigsby runs this awesome and famous (infamous?) recording studio in town. Is another place we make tracks.

Matt Wenzlau – Entertainment attorney in Phoenix also with offices in Nashville. He’s our guy.

KJZZ – Jazz radio in Phoenix.

The Musical Instrument Museum – The MIM. Right here in Phoenix. Awesome place.

Unicornomics – Creative friends in Phoenix. Nonprofit arts group, creative writing, film making, improvisational comedy, all around insanity.



Tower of Power – Any horn band playing since 1968 is forever in their debt. Best on the planet. Our heros!

The Hornheads – Incredible horn section from Minneapolis. We play some of their arrangements live. These guys inspired our a cappella persona. Buy their stuff!